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Student Support

This section should be read in conjunction with our ‘Pastoral Care Policy’:

Pastoral Care

Whole School Approach

Dominican College, Sion Hill, operates a whole school approach to student support and pastoral care. Supporting all our students is part of the ethos of Dominican College, Sion Hill. We aim to provide a safe, happy and caring school that will allow for academic, social, spiritual, physical and emotional development. A Student Support Team is in place which is made up of staff members who have a specific pastoral role. The Student Support Team meet regularly to  deal with individual student issues as well as wider issues that may affect a group of students or the wider school community.

In our school community we foster relationships based on respect. We engender a sense of belonging to our school community and its ethos and traditions. We promote a school community that is caring and positive where the uniqueness of each individual is both valued and recognised.

In Dominican College, Sion Hill, we believe Pastoral Care permeates all aspects of school life. This implies putting in place appropriate structures, policies and programmes and a whole-school commitment to their development, implementation and evaluation.

A whole school approach to student support in Dominican College, Sion Hill, refers to the role of School Management, Principal, Deputy Principal, Year Heads, Tutors, Guidance Counsellor, SEN Coordinator, subject teachers, parents, students and local community.

Support structure