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Career Guidance

Dominican College Sion Hill aims to help each student achieve her full potential academically, spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially in a happy secure environment.

Bearing the school Mission Statement in mind, the Guidance team in Dominican College Sion Hill aims to have a comprehensive Guidance Programme which involves the whole school community working together to ensure that the guidance needs of all students are addressed. Guidance is a core element of the school’s overall programme and is available to students as required throughout their time in school.  

Guidance refers to a range of learning experiences provided in a developmental sequence that assists students to make choices. In this context if refers to three main areas:

  • Social and Personal Guidance: This would encompass developmental skills crucial to the students’ education and careers e.g. Self-awareness, decision making skills, planning, coping strategies. 
  • Educational Guidance: This is developmental and would include such areas as subject/course choices, subject level, motivation and learning, study skills, learning related problems, psychometric testing.
  • Career Choices/Guidance:  includes areas such as employment rights and duties, job opportunities, vocational education and training, further education, job and interview preparation, career research and career / course information.

Aims of Guidance

Guidance is an ongoing process involving a wide range of learning activities such as information giving and counselling. They are offered in a developmental sequence appropriate to the age and the needs of the student. The guidance process helps a student to develop and accept a full personal, social, educational and career awareness of her personal talents and abilities and, in this way, it helps people to grow in independence and to make well-informed decisions about their lives.

Guidance Counsellors 2019/2020:

Mr Paul O’Brien 

Dr Orla Condren 

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