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For Parents

Sion Hill is a community of students, teachers and parents. Regular communication with parents is an integral part of the relationship. From news and events updates via the school app to a comprehensive view of academic performance and extra curricular activity via VSware, we aim to keep parents informed on school life and their daughter’s progress.

Sion Hill employs a comprehensive academic tracking system to ensure that every student reaches her full potential academically. See curriculum page for full details of the academic tracking system and the continuing focus on teaching and learning.

There are many opportunities at Sion Hill for students to balance the demands of academic learning. Participation in one after school activity is compulsory in the Junior Cycle. Your daughter may find joy on the hockey pitch, on the Concert Hall stage in the School Musical, with the Choir, or debating in English French, German or Irish!  See Extra Curricular tab for full list. All participation contributes to school life and the value of student participation is recognised each year in the annual Spirit Awards. See Student Page for a full list of academic and non-academic Student Recognition awards (see student Page). 

At Sion Hill we aim to create a happy secure environment for all. This fosters better learning outcomes and helps students explore new interests. There is a broad network of formal and informal supports available to all students and parents are encouraged to contact the school if they have any concerns. Tutor or Year Head is the first point of contact.

If you’d like to become more involved in school life please see our PTA page. New members and ideas always welcome.