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New Parents

“Starting in a new school can seem like a daunting prospect. You’ll probably vividly remember the first time your daughter started in primary school and all of the things you had to learn, forms you had to fill in and information which had to be gathered. The site seeks to make it as easy as possible for you to navigate your way around the information you will need. Almost everything can be found on the website.

A good starting point is this FOR PARENTS section. Have a look at the heading on the left here and you will see that we have put everything within easy reach. Here you will find our admissions policy, uniform information and booklists as well as on-going information which will help you and your child throughout their time here.

The site makes it easy to make payment too, simply visit our Payments Page and pay for books or other expenses conveniently online.

First and foremost, check out the fantastic School App. Available for both iPhone and Android devices, this will keep you right up to date with news and events in the school, with timely announcements being pushed to your phone as they happen. Never miss an important update.

Also be sure to check the link to ‘VSWARE‘ at the top of this page. This is your personal portal into your child’s progress at school. VSWARE will show you how your daughter is progressing throughout the years and will even tell you what class she is in right now. It is a wonderful system and an invaluable aid for you and your child.

As your daughter begins to find her way on her exciting new journey, the web site and school app are a great way to learn together. If there is anything you cannot immediately find, simply type a phrase into the search box above and click the magnifying glass. Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy finding out all the amazing things the school has to offer. Best of luck in this exciting new venture.”

Parent of third year student at Sion Hill.