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“Sion Hill looks after each pupil as the individuals that they are, with strengths and weaknesses, and gives the girls the tools to achieve their own realistic goals, with encouragement and guidance from the wonderful teachers!”

Jennifer Giblin – Parent

“A hub of creativity, learning, friendship and most of all fun.”

Alice Moynihan – Past Head Girl

“I am proud to be a part of Sion Hill because it is a friendly and accepting community.”

Sofia Keogh – Student

“Many of my hopes for my two daughters have grown out of the values instilled in me at SionHill: decency, fairness, a caring approach and a curious mind. At Sion Hill I learned to treat medics and other professional roles that contribute to making the world a better place.”

Úna Clingan – Past Head Girl

“As a parent the decisions we make for our children challenge us every day. Our decision to send our daughter to Sion Hill has been by far one of the best. What a wonderful school.”

Niamh Walsh – Parent

“It’s a hidden gem and we are very lucky to have found it. Terrific teachers, dynamic principal, and small enough to be very friendly. You see it every day as the girls leave the school… there’s a great feel to the place.”

Grainne O’Malley – Past Parent

“Being a Sion Hill student means being offered opportunities to do amazing things, knowing you have the support of the incredible teachers behind you.”

Sorcha Courtney – Student

“An áit a bhfuil do chroí is ann a thabharfas do chosa thú. Thosaigh mé anseo nuair a bhí mé dhá bhliain déag d’aois. D’athraigh a lán rudaí ach ní athróidh spiorad na scoile riamh. Dalta buíoch, múinteoir bródúil.”

Elaine Kelty – Past Student

“Although aesthetically the school has changed many things remain the same ; the friendships nurtured , the dedicated staff and the sense of belonging that exists in the school. I have no doubt that the school will continue to flourish in the years ahead.”

Gráinne Clarke – Teacher/Past Student

“Sion Hill almost feels like a second home to me. I feel I can confide in my teachers about any problems that I have in my life and most importantly I feel safe. We are not just a school but a family and I am proud to call myself a student of Sion Hill.”

Anushka Paibir – Deputy Head Girl (2019-2020)

“Sion Hill is a safe environment where everyone feels at home. We are a community of friends all working together to ensure we achieve our full potential. It is a home away from home.”

Sineád Mooney – Past Student

“Sion Hill shows that love, caring and learning go together in the development of our children.”

Vida Figueroa – Parent

“The welcome in Sion Hill is immense and you are made feel like a part of the school instantly.”

Beatrice Lee – Student

“Sion Hill has excellent teaching staff, a strong love of sport and an impressive music and social awareness tradition but the quality that differentiates it most is how strong and positive the school ethos is. The school actively encourages and supports each student and the result is a very happy and successful learning environment.”

Denise Sweeney – Parent

“Roinnt blianta ó shin, thug mé aghaidh ar m’aistear mar dhalta i gCnoc Síon le múinteoirí spreagthacha i bpobail sona agus tacúil. Táim fíorbhuíoch de bheith fós anseo, mar mhúinteoir anois, ag déanamh iarrachta an tacaíocht céanna a thabhairt do na daltaí inniu le comhghleacaithe dícheallacha, cómhbhácha.”

Nicola Wallace – Past Student /Teacher

“Excellence, commitment and passion, all in one school! Our daughter is thriving in Sion Hill – we are so pleased!”

Jen and Michael Martin – Parents

“As a past pupil myself with great memories, how wonderful it is to hear my daughter chat with such enthusiasm about her own experience as a pupil in Sion Hill.”

Christine Gallagher – Parent

“Sion Hill helps their students from the moment they step in the door until the moment they step out.”

Manjima Xavier – Student 

“I am happy that the school is inclusive, has a child centred and holistic approach in the way they are taught and offered opportunities to participate in all the different activities within the school.”

Ann Marie Lynch – Parent

“The girls in Sion Hill are encouraged to get involved in a diverse range of extra-curricular activities. These activities help to build strong bonds and happy memories that will stand to them in the future.”

Carmel Killalea – Past Parent

“Sion Hill provides students with a holistic education, giving students an excellent foundation for life beyond secondary school.”

Mags Connor – Parent

“Sion Hill is a place where I always feel joyous and welcomed.”

Emily Whitehouse – Past Student

“So many opportunities available to all of us, more than we could ask for.”

Tara Fay – Past Student

“I have found in Sion Hill a very caring and supportive group of people who want to see each child work to the best of their ability.”

Jackie Millar – Past Parent

“Why I love Sion Hill: because the 12 year old girl who walked in there was insecure and spent all her life looking at what others were or had and what she wasn’t and didn’t have. Over the next six years that girl was empowered and was given a spirit, which allowed her to reach her full potential. She didn’t leave there having achieved 6 A’s but she walked tall up to UCD and took her place proudly amongst those she watched from afar six years earlier. That young girl is now 43 and has exceeded her wildest dreams in what she has achieved. Although she can’t explain why, she knows this was made possible because of what she learned in Sion Hill (outside of the text books).”

Susan Bryson – Past Student – Head Girl 1992-92.  Board of Management 2016

“My closest friends remain those I made at Sion Hill and when I think about my tine at the school, my memories are overwhelmingly filled with laughter and fun. When I think about Sion Hill, I am also reminded of the support and encouragement I received there, which built my confidence up as a teenager and set me up for university and the early stages of my career. I have no doubt that my successes and achievements since leaving school have been in no small part due to the things I learned at Sion Hill and I will be forever grateful to the school for that.”

Molly Joyce – Past Student – Head Girl 2007