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St Thomas’ Library


St Thomas’ library, the former Convent Chapel, is a wonderful space for research and reading. It is divided into several sections so that students can avail of various aspects of the space at different times of the day, and at different stages of their academic journey. 

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St Thomas’ Library

Research and Reading

At one end of the library is the research area. This section is filled with books and resources relating to areas of the curriculum, and other supplementary resources. There are laptops available for the students to use for research if they wish.

A new addition to our library is our “Loving Literature” section which contains a variety of resources to encourage reluctant readers, including graphic novels, magazines and texts with larger font and easier readability. 

After-school Supervised Study

The library can accommodate up to 100 students for after school supervised study. Each student will have access to their own study desk which comprises of ample space for storage of books and other study materials, a desk light and a power source. Students will only be allowed in the library after school if taking part in supervised study. Study sessions are on every day after school for two hours. If parents are interested in finding out more about supervised study times and fees then they should contact:

Digitalised Library System: iMLS App

The extensive catalogue is now available to students and staff online. The system allows students, staff and parents to view our school library catalogue online, through the iMLS app. This App can be freely downloaded by going to your App provider and searching ‘iMLS’.

All students are given their borrower information. Students are encouraged to use this to help with their research, and to discover new books that they may like to read. The library catalogue includes over 9,000 books and audio-visual resources as well as many thousands of approved websites. 

You can access the system here:


The school is strongly committed to promoting reading for pleasure and improving students’ overall literacy skills, both digital and verbal. Our website is updated regularly with recommended reading lists for both junior and senior students. We encourage all students and parents to get involved in this initiative and take full advantage of this fantastic facility.

St Thomas’s library recognises the importance of word games to facilitate team bonding, to challenge students and to encourage fun in literacy.

The library offers games such as scrabble, Bananagram, Word Wheel, Articulate and many more literacy themed games. Students are encouraged to take time out and enjoy themselves in the world of literacy that stretches beyond the books.

As part of the junior cycle English curriculum, junior classes spend a minimum of one designated class a month where they are free to explore the catalogue, choose a book and enjoy some recreational reading time.

In 2016 the school achieved the Wellread National Award. Click here to access the winning presentation.

Opening Hours

The library can be accessed by students during break and lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. If students wish to borrow resources they can speak to the librarian or one of the student library representatives on duty.

Teachers may also bring groups of students up to the library during class time. Students are not permitted in the library unsupervised.


Our librarian creates a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere for all students visiting the library. 

Librarian: Philomena

Hours: Thursday and Friday 10.30 – 1.30 pm

Please observe the code of conduct when using the library:

Code of Conduct

  • No eating or drinking in the library 
  • Books may be taken out for a maximum of four weeks. Any books that are not returned on time or are defaced or damage will incur a fine.
  • Students may use the library during break and lunch but may not do their homework. The library seats are reserved after school for students participating in supervised study.
  • In the absence of the librarian, teachers can process loans for students. No student can take out a book without the permission of the librarian/teacher/representative.
  • Reference materials (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, maps etc) is not to be taken out of the library.