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Academic Tracking

Sion Hill continues to develop a comprehensive academic tracking programme. The primary goal of this programme is to ensure that every student in our care reaches her full potential academically.


This school administration platform allows you to access records on:

  • Academic performance
  • Attendance
  • Behaviour
  • Extra curricular participation

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Data such as term reports can easily be accessed
VSWare provides timetabling features

Target Grade Setting

Students, in consultation with teachers, set their target grades for all their subjects at the beginning of each academic year. These are reviewed throughout the year. Every student is assessed on a monthly basis. These monthly assessments include three  sets of House Examinations in October, February and May. Full reports are issued after each set of house exams, with individual feedback from all teachers. Parents/Guardians have online access to all monthly assessments, house exams and target grades on VsWare and Schoolwise.

Monthly Assessments

A grade is issued to parents/guardians every month in every examinable subject for every student in the school.

School Exams

Three sets of full house exams for the whole school are carried out in October, February and May. Full report (with individual teacher feedback) issued after each set.

Student Journal

Contains areas on academic progress, target grades and self-assessment. Reviewed by guardians and tutors regularly.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Held once a year for all year groups. Feedback from ability testing given to parents.

Academic Awards

An annual award ceremony whereby medals are issued for the highest grade in each subject within each year group.

Ability Testing

Tracking academic attainment and promoting academic growth

Sion Hill continues to develop a comprehensive academic tracking programme. To determine expected levels of achievement, students take tests in cognitive ability, interests and attitude to learning at key stages. This, in combination with, a rigorous review of the outcomes of school examinations and monthly assessments in subjects, relative to each student’s ability, is used to inform mainstream teaching, or to provide support or mentoring as required. The purpose of this unique programme is to ensure that every student reaches their full potential academically in a caring and supportive environment. Depertment of Education Inspection within the school have highlighted the unniquness and high qulaity of this system. 

CAT4 (Cognitive Abilities Test 4), 1st Year

This test is designed to support Post-Primary schools in understanding pupils’ developed abilities, likely academic potential and learning preferences. It measures the four principal areas of reasoning – verbal, non-verbal, quantitative and spatial.

New Group Reading Test (1st Year)

The New Group Reading Test (NGRT) is used in groups to assess and monitor reading and comprehension – and if necessary, phonemic awareness. This can help identify, for instance, competent readers with weak comprehension skills who would benefit from a follow-up individual assessment and learning support.

Progress in Maths (1st Year)

Progress in Maths (PiM) tests a pupil’s mathematical skills and concepts. The group test highlights pupils’ strengths and weaknesses helping teachers to address areas of concern and build upon what pupils already know, in order to increase their understanding.

Eirquest (4th Year)

EirQuest is a careers guidance programme designed for students planning to take the Irish Leaving Certificate. It is based on an interest questionnaire (online based). EirQuest analyses individual student responses and produces an Interest Profile based on over 40 broad career areas.

In addition, it provides:

  • useful information for each student on the top key career areas
  • a personalised subject selection and availability chart
  • a facility for structured careers research
  • access to MyCareersRoom
  • a hard copy and online version of The Careers Directory for each student

Cambridge Profile Aptitude Test (5th Year)

This test provides an added means of assessment when matching a student with a career area or a more specific job. It provides an opportunity for students to experience such tests in advance of being presented with them by employers or others in future objective assessment of academic potential.